Fall Hydrangea Wreath

This is one of our best-selling wreaths every fall!

There's something about the start of fall that feels so special. Maybe it's the chill in the air, being able to wrap yourself in your favorite sweater, or enjoying your favorite pumpkin-flavored latte. 

Typically, we do not recommend the 6 hydrangea wreath for front doors. Front doors are generally 36" wide or more and the 6 hydrangeas will appear too small for this size door. The 9 hydrangea is appropriate for a 36" wide front door and a 12 hydrangea looks a bit oversized, which most customers lean toward. Any door over 36" wide we always recommend the larger wreaths to make a statement.

Please Note: All of our wreaths can be displayed indoors or outside in a covered area.

Materials: Grapevine Base, Artificial Flowers, Glue, Ribbon.