Floral Bucket Wreaths

If you love decorating your front door with flowers but want to step away from the idea of a traditional wreath, our bucket wreaths are the perfect option! They’re like statement jewelry for your house. Imagine a beautiful vase of flowers - but instead of putting that vase on your dining room table, we make a true piece of art that you can put on your front door instead. The bucket vase is one of our more innovative ideas, and we’re thrilled to see them start popping up everywhere. One of our tulip bucket wreaths was even featured in  House Beautiful, so we definitely think we’re onto something here! 

We especially love the look of our galvanized bucket wreaths, and we’ve got the perfect metal bucket wreath combination for every season! We love sunflowers for fall, accompanied by bursts of wildflowers and a cheerful gingham ribbon. We’re partial to our Cream Hyacinth Bucket Wreath - crisp white flowers are a great transitional color to adapt to any decor or home exterior. Nothing announces the arrival of spring more than our tulip bucket wreaths. Choose from a variety of tulip colors to find the perfect combo to make your front door pop! Lavender fields conjure up the feel of a lazy, hazy night, and we think that our lush lavender bucket wreath is the perfect statement piece for summer. Can’t decide? Don’t worry, we have even more options that transition seamlessly from season to season. And as always, the beauty of our handmade wreaths is that you can enjoy them year after year. 

Most of our bucket wreaths come with a variety of options, so go crazy and choose your own bucket, ribbon color, and arrangement size! They also make fantastic, unique gifts perfect for any occasion. If you pick one out as a gift, be sure to let us know when at checkout! We’d love to send it directly to the recipient and we’ll be sure to include a gift message (and nix the receipt). We’re confident that you will absolutely love our bucket wreaths - they’re sure to be a bucket of fun!