Wedding Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for your home anymore - they’re also an amazing way to dress up your big day! Wedding flowers are breathtaking, but it’s always such a shame that you can’t continue enjoying them once the big day is over. The solution? Use our incredibly detailed, unique, handmade wreaths for your wedding decor! From wedding shower wreaths to carrying a wedding wreath instead of a bouquet, we have a myriad of options to make your wedding day unique and special. 

Not sure how to use wreaths for your wedding? Don’t worry - we have tons of wedding day wreath inspiration for you! Try adding a wedding car wreath to your getaway vehicle to make your exit truly picture perfect. Instead of traditional flowers decorating your reception or ceremony locale, try hanging our homemade wreaths instead! Unlike traditional flowers, you can take these beautiful wedding wreath wall hangings home and enjoy them for years to come. Imagine having two gorgeous wreaths hanging on the doors to your ceremony or reception location, or having a personalized wedding wreath as a photo prop! While rustic wedding wreaths look incredible at barn weddings, a more elaborate wreath can dress up even the plainest event space. A simple white cake looks perfect when decorated with a wreath, as does an altar or even a gift table. We also love the idea of decorating ceremony chairs along the aisle with small wreaths instead of flowers! 

For your wedding reception, try placing wreaths on your tables as centerpieces instead of traditional floral arrangements. Add candles in the middle for ambiance and character! Concerned about having too many wreaths at the end of the night? Give away our gorgeous handmade wreaths as gifts at the end of the night! We’re confident your friends and family will be thrilled to have such a gift. Wreath decor isn’t just for summer weddings, either - we have a variety of winter wedding wreaths that are sure to lend an air of sophistication and warmth to your snowy winter wedding!