Growing up on a small 20-acre farm in Indiana, TwoInspireYou’s owner, Tonya, had a quintessential farm childhood - catching fireflies on warm summer nights, riding her bike down the dirt roads picking wild raspberries, and gathering wildflowers and weeds to make bouquets for her mom. Those childhood experiences made a huge impression on her, and ever since then Tonya has been drawn to the vivid beauty and colors of nature. She’s particularly inspired by the incredible color palette of sunsets, and enjoys trying to capture that beauty in her designs today.

Although she didn’t start out in an artistic field (Tonya was a licensed stock-broker out of college), she quickly realized a desire to be creative and capture the beauty of creation in a way that inspires happiness. TwoInspireYou was born out of her passion for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Tonya is an artisan, memory maker, and storyteller. She loves being able to help others celebrate the memorable moments in their lives, the changing of the seasons, their favorite holidays – and everything in between, while creating lasting memories through the colorful and unique arrangements that she continues to perfect.

As Tonya’s business has grown, so has her family! Juggling life as a busy mom of five and a business owner hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been worth it. Her mind and heart are always thinking outside the box to create the most unique and inspiring pieces of art, and she feels privileged to be able to do what she loves every day, especially as her children grow older and are able to be more involved.

Tonya’s vision for TwoInspireYou is always expanding, and she plans to offer new ways to share her artistic talents with the world as the business grows.

Thank you so much for allowing us the chance to make your home - and your life - beautiful.

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