Magnolia, Boxwood & Fern Wreaths

There’s something very classic about wreaths with magnolia, boxwood, or fern greenery. We love these three elements and put them in a lot of our best-selling wreaths! They bring to mind the crisp, clean lines of a boxwood hedge, the rich leaves of a magnolia tree, the lush fronds of a fern. We love the depth these materials add to our wreaths! 

Speaking of those crisp clean boxwood hedges, our original Square Boxwood Wreath is the perfect addition to an English garden-style house! It’s also a very modern look for a more contemporary home. It’s tied with a burlap ribbon that also brings in a farmhouse element! But if burlap isn’t your thing, let us know - we have a variety of other ribbon options for you to choose from. If simple greenery is your jam, you’ll love our Magnolia Leaf Wreath. This one has a definite Fixer Upper vibe, and goes with any style of house in any season. We love how versatile it is! Similarly, our Fern Wreath is a wonderful year-round option. This simple yet incredibly beautiful wreath features ferns, boxwood leaves, and cream berries. 

We love seeing clematis climbing up walls in the summertime. If that’s one of your favorites as well, you’ll love our Cascading Clematis Wreath. This wreath uses boxwood leaves to showcase gorgeous clematis flowers cascading down the wreath. This one is a real show-stopper! Of course, one of our perennial favorites is our Boxwood, Blueberries, and Lemon Wreath. A unique take on a summer wreath, this beauty features boxwood leaves, blueberries, and lemons that look like we just picked them from a tree in the backyard! We love how the boxwood really makes the lemons and the blueberries pop. If the blueberries aren’t your thing, check out our Boxwood and Lemon Wreath!

Boxwood can warm up any wreath, and we love how lush it looks in the Red Geranium Boxwood Bucket Wreath! Cheery red geraniums and boxwood leaves spill out of a large twig basket (also custom-designed and made by yours truly!), tied with a fun black and white checked ribbon. 

We love using simple greenery and turning it into something lovely, and we think all of our wreaths showcase these elements perfectly!