Buy With Confidence

As a small handmade business, we realize that this industry unfortunately can often be victim to plagiarism and counterfeiting. We would like to do our part by educating our customers on how to recognize a "fake" website selling counterfeit products that are not the original handmade creation. 

Knowing how to spot red flags when it comes to an illegitimate website is crucial and also can be simple, once you know what to look for. 

Some things to look for when online shopping: 

- If the deal seems too good to be true, it just might be. A company charging significantly less money for an item than other retailers often is a red flag. 

- Look for excessive spelling and grammar errors. This can indicate the website was put together quickly, or perhaps in a foreign country. To keep your personal and financial information safe, we recommend making sure the company you are purchasing from has a registered domain address in your country. 

- Look for reliable contact information and try it out. Do you get a response and is it professional? Any legitimate, and in our opinion, successful, company will always put customer service as top priority! 

- What other products is the company selling? If the company is selling a lot of "odds and ends" or items that don't seem to go together, this can be a major red flag that counterfeit items are being sold. For example; if a company is claiming to sell handmade wreaths, yet also has listings for grilling tools, beach umbrellas, and handbags - something is most likely amiss! 

We truly hope these tips help you as you navigate the world of online shopping! There are so many small business, and specifically handmade businesses, like ours, that pour their heart and soul into each product they create. Please know whether you shop here on our website ( or on our Etsy page ( you can always buy with confidence! 

We hope to have the opportunity to create for you!