Cream Hyacinth Galvanized Bucket Wreath

This Spring/Summer Farmhouse Flower Bucket is exploding with all the incredible beauty and uniqueness of a field of wildflowers for your Farmhouse Decor Style. From cream and ivory hyacinth to the delightfully delicate wildflowers in many shades of spring, let this gorgeous arrangement greet your family and friends this coming spring/summer season.

The tin bucket this arrangement comes in stands upright, which makes this the perfect gift to give in place of a traditional bouquet of flowers. Our flower arrangement will look beautiful every day of the year, no matter where it is positioned!

This arrangement measures approximately 22" tall x 20" wide x 5" deep.

Please Note: All of our wreaths can be displayed indoors or outside in a covered area.

Materials: Artificial Flowers, Galvanized Bucket, Styrofoam, Glue, Moss.